FracingImgProductsWe offer more than just the everyday frac fluid systems. Our products include everything from borate, titanate and zirconate based systems, instant and delayed crosslinked systems, slickwater systems, emulsified acid systems, N2 and CO2 and many others.  Our equipment is brand new from the manufacturer featuring the latest in performance and safety.  Our engineering services including treatment design, diagnostic testing (step-rate testing), minifrac analysis to determine closure parameters, modeling using PKN, KGD or 3D based models. Additionally, we also offer post-treatment net pressure matching to discover what the true parameters of your well are.

prod_img2We measure and display everything possible from pressures, rates, densities, fluid viscosities, volumes, chemical additive rates and concentrations, observed net pressure (log(x)-log(y) scale), wellbore schematic diagrams and many other channels.  All can be displayed in our treatment monitoring vehicle using the latest in real-time data acquisition software in addition to Myers software for diagnostic and analysis purposes.  We are also able to send live data streams to your representative on site so the data may be recorded and analyzed.

FracMontorProductsWe check everything.  Before our equipment arrives at your wellsite, many processes will have already taken place by Advanced Stimulation Technologies personnel.  Our representatives collect water samples and perform the analysis to assist our laboratory technicians and design engineers in designing the perfect treatment and fluid system.  Water quality and formation parameters are checked to optimize the treatment design and maximize conductivity and production now and for many years into the future.  Our QA/QC program verifies our products under laboratory and field conditions.  Our representatives will also cover the most minor details to ensure that nothing is left unaddressed prior to the treatment.

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