• 110 BPM slick water horizontal and vertical well treatments
• Low rate and high rate slurry gel treatments
• Low and high gel density treatments
• CO2 low pH Zirconium treatments
• Gelled and Cross Linked hydrocarbon treatments
• Poly-Emulsion treatments

• Low and high rate acid fracturing
• Acid spot and acid breakdown treatments
• Gelled and cross linked acid treatmentsServPg_img3

• Long String production casing
• Intermediate casing string
• Surface casing string
• Remedial casing services
• Nitrofied cement slurry
• Light weight cement slurries

• Full fresh water and production analysislabImg2
• Chandler 5550 rheology testing
• Acid/Oil emulsion testing
• Fracturing fluid compatibility
• Cement consistometer pump time
• Cement UCA/compressive strength
• Cement fluid loss analysis

• Myers real time data acquisition
• Myers data analysis
• Myers 2D/3D modeling analysis
• Post Job Reporting for all stimulation treatments
• Frac Focus xml data analysis

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