We are always searching for quality team-oriented individuals that are requesting a challenge in the Oil and Gas service industry. We expect a long-term commitment and a willingness to work non-traditional hours and days. We provide a competitive wage and benefit package.


  • 401-K with Company Match
  • Paid Vacation & Personal Time Off
  • Health, and Prescription plan, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and other optional benefits.
  • Paid Holidays

To apply on the web, please fill out the form below, or alternately, you can download our application and submit it by mail to:

PO Box 2948
Midland, TX 79702

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The Following questions are for positions that may require the employee to operate a vehicle on a public roadway:If the position applied for requires an Interstate Commercial Driver's License, you must be 21 years of age.
Please include location, date, violation and penalty.
Drivers License or State Issued I.D. Card
(Include from date/ to date, number of years and approximate miles)
Educational BackgroundMost recent
Employment HistoryInclude all employment history for the past (10) ten years. Include all periods of unemployment with an explanation, or periods of self-employment. (Month and year is sufficient). Start with most recent or current employer. Applicants who may be operating a regulated Commercial Motor Vehicle must provide (10) years’ work history.
Please include City, State and Zip Code
Include City, State and Zip Code
Include City, State and Zip Code
References:Please list (3) three personal references:

This certifies that this application was completed by me, and that all entries on it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I recognize that any falsification, or misrepresentation (including omissions) made by me in connection with this application may disqualify me for further consideration for employment or, if discovered after I am hired, may be grounds for my immediate dismissal. I understand that all such information is subject to verification by the Company, and hereby give my consent to the Company to investigate my background and qualifications using any means, sources, and outside investigators at its disposal. I authorize my previous employer(s) to release any and all information relating to my employment with them. I further release and hold harmless both my previous employer(s) and Advanced Stimulation Technologies, Inc. from any and all liability that may potentially result from the release and/or use of such information. I agree to undergo any type of drug and/or alcohol testing that the Company may require at any time. I understand that any offer of employment is conditional as to the results of any job related pre-employment tests, examinations and investigation. Finally, I understand that submission of this application does not necessarily mean that I will be hired, and that if I am hired, my employment will be at will, and either I or the Company may terminate my employment at any time, with or without notice or reason.


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