About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each customer with industry-leading service quality & efficiency while striving to lower cost.

Our goal is to support a safe work environment by mentoring our employees in all aspects of operations, continued improvement in job quality for our customers through best practices and technical innovation, and creating employee retention with training and opportunities for individual advancement.

Core Values


Our people make AST. Each person brings their own expertise and perspective to the table, contributing to a positive workplace. It is through collective efforts that we are able to tackle challenges and come up with solutions to achieve our goals. Their passion, dedication, and hard work are truly the driving force behind our success.

Servant Leadership

Our goal at AST is to lead by example and to prioritize the needs of our team members, developing a supportive work place where team members feel valued and inspired.


AST strives to make a safe working environment. It is important that we create a culture that prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved. This means promoting safety protocols, providing resources for training and education and fostering an environment of open communication where people feel comfortable reporting potential hazards or issues.


AST is Midland based and we are proud of our home. AST maintains a strong presence in the Permian Basin through community outreach, sponsorship, volunteering and helping our community grow.

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