Our expertise means we can complete a variety of operations from single stage to multi stage zipper fracs.


We can customize specific chemical products and formulations for a particular system or producing condition.


Advanced cementing solutions secure and protect casings and achieve a safer more productive well.

Mission Statement


Our goal is to support a safe work environment by mentoring our employees in all aspects of operations, continued improvement in job quality for our customers through best practices and technical innovation, and creating employee retention with training and opportunities for individual advancement.

What We Do

Our well enhancement services utilize advanced technology to analysis and optimize the treatment design and maximize conductivity and production to insure well productivity.




  • Slickwater horizontal and vertical well treatments
  • Gelled and Cross Linked hydrocarbon treatments
  • Poly-Emulsion treatments
  • 100K HHP capabilities
  • Frac Pumps: 200,000 HHP with positive displacement 5 inch quintuplex fluid ends
  • Multi-Well Pad Capability
  • Computerized Chemical Additive Unit: triplex and positive feed pumps capabile of .05 – 20 gpm
  • 15,000 PSI Iron Package with Monoline and Flexline Technologies
  • Down Hole Blenders: 130 BPM Rolligon
  • Capable of providing all proppant with logistics and sand equipment services

Health Safety and Environmental



AST is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, customers and visitors. Forming a positive partnership is paramount in achieving this goal.  The HSE department is committed to the implementation of and compliance with all required Safety and Environmental training which includes the following:

  • AST’s initial safety training program meets and often exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Training is performed on specific equipment tasks provided by a qualified mentor.
  • Refresher training is mandatory to ensure not only that AST is compliant with all State and Federal laws but also to ensure employees understand the hazards of their job.
  • All training is documented and employees are only allowed to perform their job once they have successfully completed the approved training program and demonstrated that they can perform the given task safely.
  • All employees have stop work authority and are trained and expected to stop the job if they see an unsafe condition.




AST offers specialty chemicals to enhance performance and safety. Our expertise means we can customize specific chemical products and formulations for a particular system or producing condition.

  • Low and high rate acid fracturing
  • Acid spot and acid breakdown treatments
  • Gelled and cross linked acid treatments
  • We offer several diverter options




Our laboratory staff thoroughly analyzes samples to insure proper system developments.

  • Full fresh water and production analysis
  • Chandler 5550 Rheometer and Fann 35 Viscometer testing
  • Acid/oil emulsion testing
  • Fracturing fluid compatibility
  • Cement consistometer pump time
  • Cement UCA/compressive strength
  • Cement fluid loss analysis




Advanced cementing solutions maintain and protect well casings and achieve zonal isolation critical to safer, environmentally sound, profitable wells.

  • Horizontal and vertical surface, intermediate, and production casing strings.
  • Remedial and plug services


Custom Cement Slurries:

  • Lightweight
  • Thixotropic
  • Tight Squeeze
  • Large Void Squeeze


Cement Pumps:

  • 1200 HP Pumps with 3 ½” & 4 ½” Triplexes
  • 15,000 PSI Iron Package
  • Capable of pumping 12 BPM




With our extensive operational and engineering experience in the Permian Basin we can offer our clients several services to maximize the production of their well including treatment design, diagnostic testing (step-rate testing), minifrac analysis to determine closure parameters, and modeling using MFrac Suite

AST offers customizable post-treatment and KPI reports.  Our treatment monitoring vehicles have the latest in real-time data acquisition and engineering software that allow us to create customized viewing options for our clients.  As a standard, we have a remote-viewing option that allows clients to watch treatments in real time.


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